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The Inciting Incident Podcast

Nov 27, 2017

Help Ted go to school here:

Nov 25, 2017

Support this show at . We are 92 percent of the way to our first goal! NOTE: Yes, Rissy accidentally said Nambia and has been obsessing over that embarrassing mistake all week.  OTHER NOTE: Sick Rissy means this week's interview was pushed back to next week. Enjoy in the meantime. ...

Nov 18, 2017

Subtitle: "Did you just misgender my Scrooge?"  This week on the Inciting Incident podcast, Rissy and Bethany are joined by standup comedian Leighann Lord.  Plugs/Websites Main Website: Leighann Lord’s High Res Photos: ...

Nov 10, 2017

Support this podcast at . We're 89 percent to our first goal!  This week, Rissy and Bethany bust out the NPR voices for two wonderful guests, Jenica and Patrick Crail of the Real Life Beyond Faith podcast. This show is part of the Trans Podcaster Visibility Initiative.  The theme song...

Nov 6, 2017

Bonus episode: Marissa had a workshop at the Minnesota OUT! Campus Conference, and it was on... what else? Podcasting. This is her talk from the workshop on Podcasting 101, starting of course with her beginning in kind; leaning back and banging her head on the wall.