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The Inciting Incident Podcast

Apr 24, 2016

In the 21st episode of Inciting Incident, Al, Brian, and Heather return to interview stand-up comedian Chad Zumock of the "Sit Down, Zumock!" podcast before his appearance in our area, April 29th in Phoenixville, PA with Jim Florentine.  Then, we will discuss the fascination with dystopian landscapes in media.  If you'd like to support the show, you can do so by donating a small monthly amount to our Patreon at . Pledge between 1-5 dollars a month and gain access to special donor features and goodies once the show is funded. Plus Heather will declare her undying love for you by name live on the air. Al Laiman is a double major/minor at the University of Pennsylvania. He has written and contributed to The Fourth Estate,, the Philadelphia Film Society, the Penn Moviegoer, and published five books. He won Audience Choice for Best Film at the Third Annual Hershey Student Film Festival. He also was the longtime host for the Internet show the show "Jaded Hope" available on YouTube.  Brian is the co-host of NXT: Breakdown, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, and frequent panelist at Tekko, Bronycon, and Zenkaikon.  Heather Vincent is an aspiring comedian, utlizing social media to get her voice, her jokes, and how adorable she is in a box at Taco Bell, out there. She can be followed at : Subscribe to Inciting Incident on iTunes and leave us a five-star review! Email: Twitter - Al- @AlLaimanLOP, Brian - @BrianTheFuzzy, Heather - @HV_OverMyHead,  YouTube -