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The Inciting Incident Podcast

Jun 17, 2016

In the 36th episode of Inciting Incident, we welcome back Tom from episodes 8 and 9, his fiancee Liz, and Matt from various appearances in a wrestling context, to discuss size discrimination. We will also cover the tragedy in Orlando from this past weekend.  If you'd like to support our show, you can do so by donating a small monthly amount to our Patreon at . Pledge between 1-5 dollars a month and gain access to special donor features and goodies once the show is funded. Plus Heather will declare her undying love for you by name live on the air. Inciting Incident is also available on iTunes, Stitcher, and now Google Play as well, and is available for download immediately after airing live on Friday and Sunday at 7PM EST. Email: