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The Inciting Incident Podcast

Sep 16, 2016

On the 58th episode of Inciting Incident, Steve Cully joins Andrew Torrez and Al for an informal episode where all three share personal stories, including Al's in pro wrestling, Steve's in football, and Andrew's in law. Recorded after episode 57, it turned out great, even if it didn't resemble a normal interview-style podcast.  To support this podcast, please visit for a small monthly donation. $1 patrons get a shout-out on the show and early access. $3 patrons get a free sticker. $5 dollar patrons get a free t-shirt. Higher gets even more rewards in addition to the previous.  Voiceover by Jesse Dollemore of "I Doubt It With Dollemore." Twitter - @AlLaimanLOP, @BriantheFuzzy