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The Inciting Incident Podcast

Dec 10, 2016

PLEASE fill out this 30-second survey. It's super quick and helps the show. On the 70th episode of Inciting Incident, Sean Meehan and Monica Speca join us for a conversation about geek culture, cosplay not being consent, and other mostly un-Trump topics. There's also a live song, every patron gets thanked, and a plot twist at the end. Oh yeah, and our favorite little Heather returns too! Visit our sponsors Mind Aquarium and Warriors of the Crystal!  To support this podcast, please visit for a small monthly donation. $1 patrons get a shout-out on the show and early access. $3 patrons get a free sticker. $5 dollar patrons get a free t-shirt. Higher gets even more rewards in addition to the previous.  Voiceover by Jesse Dollemore of "I Doubt It With Dollemore."  Theme music by Elizabeth Drinks and Al Laiman. Twitter - @AlLaimanLOP, @BriantheFuzzy Copyright (c) 2016, All Rights Reserved, It's a Shameful Thing, Lobsterhead! LLC  For inquiries, please contact