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The Inciting Incident Podcast

Jan 14, 2017

PLEASE fill out this 30-second survey. It's super quick and helps the show.   On the 74th episode of Inciting incident, Chris Watson from the Podunk Polymath podcast sits down with Ris right after her appearance on God Awful movies, which aired this Tuesday.    For as little as a dollar a month, go to to support the show. 1 dollar gets you a shout-out, 5 dollars gets you a free-tshirt and any plug you want, and 25 gets you a guaranteed spot on any episode. Support indy podcasting!   To buy Ris's book, go to and search Marissa McCool, CreateSpace, or email for a personalized signed copy, either just her or also Chris Kluwe.   Visit our sponsors Mind Aquarium and Warriors of the Crystal!    Voiceover by Jesse Dollemore of "I Doubt It With Dollemore."    Theme music by Elizabeth Drinks and Al Laiman.    Credits music: "Fight" by Cosmic Cowboy Sowing Circle   Twitter - @AlLaimanLOP, @BriantheFuzzy, @AstridIsley   Copyright (c) 2016, All Rights Reserved, It's a Shameful Thing, Lobsterhead! LLC    For media or inquiries, please contact