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The Inciting Incident Podcast

Mar 13, 2016

In the ninth episode of Inciting Incident, Brian and Al will examine how Hype Culture affects the experience and enjoyment of media. It will be a central theme through Troper's Lament and Issues With Adaptation, and as always, ending the Sunday's broadcast will be Great Moments in HAM!  Al Laiman is a double major/minor at the University of Pennsylvania. He has written and contributed to The Fourth Estate,, the Philadelphia Film Society, and the Penn Moviegoer. He won Audience Choice for Best Film at the Third Annual Hershey Student Film Festival, and pens the wrestling review "In Laiman's Terms." He also hosts the show "Jaded Hope" available on YouTube.  Brian is the co-host of NXT: Breakdown, a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, and frequent panelist at Tekko, Bronycon, and Zenkaikon. He and Al have been best friends for 18 years.  Support Inciting Incident on Patreon at : Subscribe to Inciting Incident on iTunes and leave us a five-star review! Email: Twitter - Al- @AlLaimanLOP, Brian - @BrianTheFuzzy YouTube -